Top 10 Ridiculous Reasons Why People Got Fired

3. Stopping a carjacking attempt lead to firing of a waiter

The Waiter Fired for Stopping a Carjacking

Juan Canales was a waiter in a Thai restaurant situated in Fort Lauderdale. One day, he saw that a lady in a car was stopped by someone having knife in his hand; apparently was looking as a carjacker. Canales noticed the situation, put apart all safety measures and went to secure that lady and got control over all circumstances. He then waited for police to come and handed over thief. All his effort should needed to be appraised but instead of reward he was fired from his job.

2. The Coach Fired for Beating a Team 100-0

The Coach Fired for Beating a Team 100-0

If you are a teacher or a coach to someone alone or a team, your first priority must be to teach or coach in such a way that no weakness should be left and the person or team whom you are coaching, wins. But in this case, Micah Grimes was a coach in a private covenant school’s girl’s basketball team and his team won match with 100-0 score. Winning with 100-0 points was the main cause (crime) which led Grimes to termination.


1. The Woman Fired for Being Irresistible

The Woman Fired for Being irresistible

Melissa Nelson worked as a dental assistant for ten years; her boss name was James Knight who fired her. Knight fired Nelson for being so irresistible but most interesting (or say ridiculous) part is that instead of providing justice to that lady, court also went with Knight and confirmed that it’s the fault of Melissa Nelson for being too sexy.


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