Top 10 Ridiculous Reasons Why People Got Fired

7. The Guy Fired for Repeating a Seinfeld Joke

The Guy Fired for Repeating a Seinfeld Joke

Repeating a joke or quote many times may bore people but no one can ever imagine that this could lead to job termination. This is what happened with John Preston, a resident of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Whenever someone sneeze’s instead of saying ‘Bless you’ he used to say ‘you are so good looking’. Saying this specific clause again and again could not be considered bad, but in this case this saying was redirected to a beautiful woman, also a co-worker and considered as sexual harassment which leads to his termination.


6. The Flight Attendant was Fired for running a personal blog


Ellen Simonetti was a flight attendant who used to work for Delta Airlines. Simonetti was terminated because she was running a blog, wonder who do not have a blog in today’s internet world. People use to create and run blog not just for earning money only but also to share their feelings and experiences. But with title ‘Diary of a Flight Attendant’ Simonetti was terminated in 2004.


5. 14 People Fired for Wearing Orange on workplace

 The People Fired for Wearing Orange to Work

Fourteen employees were fired from a law firm in Florida. Florida State is also well known because of oranges (fruit) and this might be the reason that employees in that law firm used to wear orange colored dress on the day when they were expected to get wages especially for extra work. But as soon as new management and executives took control over that firm, they assumed that dressing up of many employees with the same color on specific day is something that seems insulting so they fired all of them.


4. The Eagles Employee Fired for a Facebook Status

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles might also be your favorite team just like many others. Brian Dawkins signed with Denver after renowned Eagles safety. Dan Leone, a stadium worker did not like this and uploaded his frustration in the form of Facebook status. Writing or uploading you status against the firm you are working is always dangerous and similarly this happened to Leone, Facebook status against management lead to his job termination.


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