Top 10 Reverse-Engineered Weapons

No 6. Toophan

A reverse-engineered copy of the American TOW missile by Iran, its anti-tank warhead can penetrate up to 550 mm of steel armor.

“Hezbollah has reportedly used Toophan missiles against Israeli Merkava tanks in the 2006 Lebanon War” – As reported by Wikipedia.


No 5. R-1 rocket

This is a copy of the German V-2 Rocket by the Soviet Union. The R1 when built could carry a 785 kg conventional warhead to a maximum distance of 270 km.

Here is a video of the original V-2 rocket:


The Soviets started reverse-engineering the V-2 when they captured some key V-2 rocket production facilities and one main V-2 manufacturing facility in Nordhausen in Thuringia, Germany in 1945. In 1947 Stalin authorized the production of R1 and then approximately 4 variants of the rocket were produced.

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