Top 10 Places You Don’t Want To Visit

Our planet is filled with places that attract us towards themselves in more than one way. From mountains that touch the sky to plains as vast as our eyes can catch. Even on the internet, we find tons of articles on the world’s most desired destinations for tourists. However today’s article is on places that, in our opinion, you should refrain yourself from going to. Here are few places that are not exactly honey moon spots.

10. Bubbly Creek

Location: Chicago, Illinois

10. Bubbly CreekDuring the 19th century the scene of the Bubbly Creek was no less than as if a war took place nearby. The section towards the South Branch was named as Bubbly Creek. Originally the area was a wetland, but channels were dredged and the South Fork became an open sewer line for the local stockyards, especially the Union Stock Yards. On top of all this, slaughter houses in the adjoining areas started to dump large amounts of waste, such as blood and entrails. Naturally due to the presence of so much blood and animals parts, chemical reactions took place and water actually started to bubble with methane and hydrogen sulfide, hence the name” Bubbly Creek”. Towards the end of 20th century, large number of bloodworms found their home here.  They fed on the thick mass of rotting blood which is located on the river bed. Oxygen depletion made the Bubbly Creek hypoxic and the creek remains highly toxic and the surrounding area is full of a rancid smell pushing the locals away from the creek.



9. Centralia, Pennsylvania

Location: Columbia County, Pennsylvania

9. Centralia, PennsylvaniaThe town was originally a coal mining area but was destroyed by a fire that left the town uninhabitable. In 1966, Centralia went out of the mining industry.  The town which once proudly held seven churches, five hotels, twenty-seven saloons, two theatres, a bank, a post office, and fourteen general stores was made uninhabitable by a fire in 1962 which ignited in one of the mines below the town. The reason for the ignition is not fully understood however one theory suggests that the event occurred in May of 1962 when the Centralia Borough Council hired five people  to clean up the town landfill, which was located in an abandoned strip-mine pit.  The men did not extinguish the fire correctly and it spread through a hole in the rock pit and then into the abandoned coal mines beneath Centralia.  In the late 1960s and 1970s dozens of town residents were hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning.  Sink holes began to appear in the city limits and steam ports were often reported.

The population of the town saw ups and downs over the years. It ranged from over 1,000 residents in 1981 to 12,000 in 2005 to 9,000 in 2007.  Centralia is one the least populated town of the state, one reason being that in 1984, U.S government allocated funds for relocation of the people and most of the people living there opted for a buyout implying that the government took ownership of the town. In 2002 the U.S. Post Office revoked Centralia’s zip code.  There are little homes left in the area and the area is filled with sign of carbon monoxide poisoning and even steam can be seen at times from distance.



8. Dallol

Location: Afar Region, Ethiopia

8. DallolDallol is usually referred to as a ghost town with very few structures, most made of salt blocks, with travelling means of the old days such as camel caravans etc. located in the Administrative Zone 2 of the Afar Region in the Afar Depression, the area once had a railway back in 1928 constructed from the port of Mersa Fatma in Eritrea and then to a point 28 km form Dallol. However, after World War II it was removed by the British administration, as international trade routes had expanded. The area is also home to a volcano which n 1926 erupted leaving behind a 30 meter wide crater and forming geological hot springs. There are also deposits of salts and Dallol Co. of Asmara even sold salt from 1951 to 1953. One more attribute of the area is the temperature of the region. It is usually hot reaching upto 115 F. Dallol is one of the most remote regions of the world. The adjoining areas are hostile making it difficult for visitors. Many impressive hot springs do exist at Dallol, giving a stunning view of yellow and red hydrothermal deposits.  However, Dallol lies in northeastern Ethiopia close to the disputed Eritrean border. Due to this reason, along with some hostile Afar tribesmen, make the area dangerous and several armed attacks on tourist convoys have occurred in recent years.


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