Top 10 Places To Try Something New

3. See the newest island: Zubair Islands, Yemen

3. See the newest islandA volcanic eruption in the part of the Red Sea that belonged to Yemen ended up in creating a new island thus adding a number in the already existing Zubair Islands. Usually such islands sink back into the water but this one is resilient. The political instability of Yemen has made it difficult to travel there but the Zubair islands are said to be a paradise for scuba diving. For further details visit


2. Try the newest food trend: Copenhagen

2. Try the newest food trendCopenhagen’s Noma was named the best restaurant in the world in 2011 because of Chef Rene Redzepi innovative cooking style that integrated local lichens, mosses, pine needles and other things that are generally not considered food. The foraged cuisine is now spread throughout the world and it integrates wild sorrel, yarrow and acrons. The restaurant takes booking months in advance. For more details see



1. Experience the newest vacation concept: St Vincent and

the Grenadines

1. Experience the newest vacation conceptEver wondered what would it be like to live the unplugged life? Think no further as the Caribbean islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines are offering a “digital detox” vacation. The guests will be hand over the smart phones, laptops, iPads and other technological devices and in turn will receive the coaching on how to live the unplugged life.  Fortunately, the island offers plenty of low-tech distractions, from snorkeling to jungle hikes to sailing the azure seas. See for more.


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