Now You Don’t Have To Breathe With New Injectable Oxygen

We all know that breathing an oxygen rich liquid is an old idea which does have some advantages but it has more detriments than benefits. For example the removal of carbon dioxide from bloodstream becomes a big problem, which ultimately leads to many other problems. So the Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital came up with a new idea! They created micro-particles that can be injected in your bloodstream and oxygenate it. These particles are pockets of oxygen in layers of lipids, i.e specifically fats. This is then suspended in liquid, which can be injected into the bloodstream. Now this becomes quite handy because you don’t have to breathe at all till the time these particles carry oxygen.

This Injectable oxygen can keep people alive for 20 to 30 minutes without inhaling any oxygen. The implications of this type of oxygen are enormous. Think about a patient who is unable to breathe, with the help of this oxygen doctors can keep him alive for few minutes and can potentially save his life as well. We don’t know whether it will be fine to use this oxygen to breathe underwater, but if the answer is “YES” then there are a lot of new dimensions to explore!


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