Top 10 Latest Sniper Rifles of USA

With the evolution of combat strategies there comes the need of latest instruments to counter the marauding forces. Today we listed down the latest tactical sniper rifles of USA.

#10 Weatherby Vanguard Varmint Special

The Weatherby Vanguard Varmint Special kind of popped up out of nowhere, no official announcement was made regarding the launch of this rifle. The only thing that strikes most of the dealers regarding this rifle is its price rest of the features are tabulated below;

Caliber .223 Rem, .22-250 Rem, .308 Win
Barrel Medium contour
Barrel Length 22″ (559mm)
Weight (Rifle only) 8.25 lbs (3.75 kg) no scope & empty
Overall Length 41.5″ (1054mm)
Magazine Internal 5 round magazine with hinged floorplate
Stock Injection-molded monte carlo style synthetic stock
Price $587 MSRP.


#9 Rock River Arms Varmint A4

This rifle was formed before Rock River started to put the “winter” trigger guard on, so it has the flat trigger guard. But besides that, this rifle is the way you would get one if you bought one from RRA today. The barrel is a Wilson Arms 24″ stainless heavy barrel that is 1.05″ thick under the hand guards and .92″ from the gas block to the muzzle. The RRA Varmint rifles come with a Wylde chamber, which is a mix between .223 and 5.56. The Specifications are tabulated below;

Caliber .223 Rem
Barrel Wilson Heavy contour Stainless Steel – .920″ at the muzzle
Barrel Length 24″ (610mm) –test rifle was 24″ max size
Weight (Rifle only) 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg)
Overall Length 42.25″ (1073mm)
Magazine Standard AR-15 Detachable magazines
Stock Full length A2 buttstock, freefloat aluminum handguard, hogue pistol grip
Price $1015 – $1045 MSRP.


#8 DPMS Panther LRT-SASS

DPMS has a large range of 308 based AR platforms to prefer from, characteristically on the lower priced field of the AR market, and the SASS is really a preconfigured rifle with the options that DPMS saw fit to include on a Semi-Auto Sniper System. The core of the system is the same action that is used on the typical Panther LR-308 rifles accessible by DPMS, which has been in making for a number of years now. The specifications are tabulated below;

Caliber .308 Win (7.62×51 NATO)
Barrel Stainless steel
Barrel Length 18″ (457mm)
Weight (Rifle only) 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)
Overall Length 38.75″ (984mm)
Magazine 19 Round Detachable Box Magazine
Stock Magpul PRS Fully Adjustable Stock
Price About $2150 USD


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