Top 10 iPad Apps for Muslims

No 6. Islamic Civilization Paintings HD

Price: $0.99

This app gives you a collection of 200 HD paintings by different artists based on Islamic Civilization. Simply awesome.

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No 5. Islamic Weather & World Clock

Price: $2.99

This app comes with over 70 stunning wallpapers apart from the Islamic weather clock giving you precise information on weather and time.

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No 4. Sahih Bukhari

Price: Free

Sahih al-Bukhari is one of the three most trusted collections of hadith along with Sahih Muslim and al-Muwatta. This app gives you the complete book of Hadith: Sahi Al-Bukhari in both landscape and portrait orientations.

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No 3. iHadith Pro

Price: $19.99

Containing over 34,000 authentic Ahadith from the 6 prominent Hadith books, this app makes the experience of reading and learning Hadith simple and visually appealing. It comes with Search, Tag, Bookmark and Take-Notes along with sharing features. Search includes searching for topic also.

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