Top 10 iPad Apps for Muslims

No 2. The Islamic Monthly

Price: $7.99

The Islamic Monthly is an independent, U.S.-based publication that fosters public discussion on a broad range of issues and concerns related to the Muslim world. This iPad app aims to present that magazine iPad users as a guide for those seeking informed perspectives about a wide range of issues focused on the politics, culture and society of Muslims and the Muslim world.

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No 1. iQuran HD

Price: $6.99

This app gives you the complete Quran in the Uthmani Font along with verse by verse translation and recitation for the iPad. It has over 30 translations and Al-Muyassar Arabic Tafsir. It also supports Airplay other than the usual bookmark, note, SMS, email, twitter, facebook and copy features. It also features Quranic Supplications on topics such as faith, submission, praise, patience, forgiveness, family, provisions, knowledge, thanks and protection and a special Stop Signs screen explaining the meaning of the different Stop Symbols used in the Quran with still more features. A must have indeed.

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