Top 10 Household Appliances And Their Surprising Uses

Many appliances in your home are used for one purpose only. Most of the people are not able to perform any other activity with them except for the purpose they are manufactured for. However, Brilliant minds have found alternate uses of everyday use devices that you use now and then.

10. The Microwave Oven dries Fabric

The Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are found in nearly all households and they are used for heating or cooking purpose only. Here is another surprising use of microwave oven whereby you can use it for dyeing purposes. Microwave oven can minimize the time required to dry so it is used by DIY knitters, dyers and fabric painters. Due to its efficiency, many people also recommend it.


9. The Hair Dryer starts Fires

The Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is a household appliance that has no other use than drying hair (as the name indicates). However, as hair dryer has the ability to desiccate moisture so it can also be used for the drying wood sticks. Owing to its effectiveness, it is also suggested by many manufacturers. Blow of hot air not only lights firewood in a chimney but also prevents your home from filling with smoke.


8. The Freezer revives Hard Drives and cleans Denim

The Freezer

It is strongly believed that there is no use of freezer other than storage of frozen foods. It is often disregarded despite of its ability to kill bacteria. Moreover, You can put your crashed hard drive into the freezer and retrieve data as it can make the hard drive stable for some time. Another amazing use of freezer is that you can clean your Denim jeans by simply enclosing it in a bag. Put it in freezer for a week and it should eliminate fusty smell, revoke bacteria and revive your denim jeans just as new.


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