Top 10 Futuristic German Weapons In World War 2

The world got to see a lot of new and innovative ways to kill innocent people during the Nazi reign. It was mostly because that had given their scientists a free had to invent what they pleased to. Naturally the instruments that came forth were first of their kind. Here are top 10 such inventions from the Nazi scientists.

10. The Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster

10. The Landkreuzer P 1500 MonsterWith length reaching up to 150 feet, the Landkreuzer was supposedly one of the largest vehicle ever designed by humans. The cannon mounted on top alone vouches for the fact that it could reduce anything into pieces. Although the machine was never built, but it was planned to be fully mobile and that is no easy thing to achieve on its own. Let alone the cannon that was supposed to shoot out shells reaching the size of a tank. In short Nazi wanted to build world’s largest mobile artillery that shot shell comparable to the size of tanks. If built, that could have created a lot of problems for a lot of people.



9. The Junkers Ju 322 Mammut

9. The Junkers Ju 322 MammutThe Mammut was originally designed to carry troops or to transport them in case of a British invasion. However, the Mammut never went on being utilized. The 200 feet wingspan of the glider was to be towed by a plane to put it into air. 2 of these were ever built and only one took flight. The flight ended violently as it crash landed. It was made of wood and it’s ironic as the company responsible (Junkers) was originally a pioneer in metal based aircraft.



8. The Sun Gun

8. The Sun GunOne of many crazy inventions of the Nazi scientist was the Sun Gun. Originally planned to harness the energy of sun and direct it towards their enemies thus eliminating them, burning them to the ground. Post-war interrogations revealed that the Nazi scientists actually believed that the machine could be built in the next 50 years. However since we do not see any “Sun Gun” in space at the moment so one can argue that maybe it was never possible, rather feasible.


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