Artist Uses His Fingers As Paint Brush

Painting with a brush is a common thing most artists do. Today we have to share an incredible piece of artwork by an Italian finger painter who stunned us with his skills. Paolo Troilo is a self-trained finger painter who started painting at the age of 4.

Trolio has some amazing stories of childhood, one day his mother brought him a 8×8 canvas paper along with some small painting of Goitto da Bondone. He tried and made something different out of it which was much appreciated by his relatives. Similarly,in September 2003 Troilo was about to paint something when he moved into an apartment, brought all of his painting stuff but forgot to bring brushes. He couldn’t wait to bring brushes so the crazy chap started painting with his fingers, and since then his fingers are his brushes as he made unique designs that show his passion and love for painting. His designs are today sold all over Italy and people love his artwork. Below are some of the collections of his fabulous makings.








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