Top 10 Games on Facebook For 2013

Mark Zuckerburg has surely taken social networking to a new level with Facebook. Facebook has already over 1 billion users and is the most renowned social networking site all around the world. The site is not just limited to networking anymore; it has become a forum for discussion, campaigning and games. One can find so many addictive games over Facebook that we had to compile this top 10 Facebook games list for you.

10. Market Land

10Feel like starting a business? Market land is the game for you then. One starts with a shop and with a little business sense, the shop can be transformed into a department store. The game has been developed by GemeGos and is played by over 1 million gamers.


9. Disney City Girl

9Disney means the world to the kids. However, number 9, takes it to the next level. This is a combination of a social networking site and children’s favorite brand; Disney, and the result is Disney City Girl. All you girls definitely want to try this game out.


8. Baseball Heroes

8Baseball fans get ready! Syntasia, Inc. brings to you this exciting game that has already achieved a 2.5 million users mark. The trending game was launched in April 2012 and has become one of the highest rated sports games on Facebook.

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