Top 10 First Person Shooter Games for PC

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Story: Call of Duty 4 is set in a realistic, timely world in which the battles you’re fighting don’t really stray from those you might hear about on “All Things Considered.” The Game throws you into the centre of the 21st century, take your choice of being an American Marine or a British SAS soldier in a series of campaigns. As with other Call of Duty games, you’re sent on different missions in which you will have different roles, usually assigned to you by your commanding NPC. Sometimes you’ll snipe, sometimes you’ll lead an attack, but almost always you’ll be accompanied by a squad of fellow soldiers who help you in your quest.

Graphics: Graphically, Call of Duty 4 looks incredible. The smoke and particle effects are especially amazing, and there is a real sense of presence to everything. Maps are highly detailed and character models move in an unnervingly lifelike way.The overall gameworld detail is astonishing, and everything animates very realistically.Overall presentation is excellent, shrapnel, bullets, debris, exploding buildings, interiors, make no mistake the environments here are some of the best.

Sound and Music: The sound effects are right up there with the rest of the game’s stellar presentation. The voice acting from the various soldiers and enemies are all realistically portrayed, adding a great element to the gameplay and to the overall story arc.Sound effects for stun grenades are so well done that they nearly dizzies the player. CoD4 a treat for the ears as well as the eyes.

Overall: Overall, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a fantastic game.Its single-player campaign offers one of the most intense, heartpounding experiences around, Though it is short, but the multiplayer should keep you invested in COD4 for the long time. The overall story is standard action movie fare.

2. Far Cry

Story: In Far Cry, you play the role of Jack Carver, a former special ops soldier who quit the millitary to become a civilian, an owner of a private boat charter business in the South Pacific. You’ve been recently hired to sail a mysterious woman around the Pacific. However, Jack’s trip does not go as planned and the ship destroyed while under mysterious attack. After washing ashore on a tropical island, sans the mysterious woman. The storyline is intriguing as you attempt to find your missing passenger and uncover more mystery you ever expected.

Graphics: The environments are richly detailed. Jungles actually feature dense foliage that consists of trees, plants, and tall grasses, and this foliage is filled with birds and insects. Beaches have blinding-white sand, and the surf slowly laps ashore. The game also incorporates real-time lighting and shading effects to a degree rarely seen before.

Sound and Music: The sound effects in the game contribute heavily to the creepy atmosphere. Environmental sound effects are also great. Every gun sounding different and convincing. The music is appropriate for the game, and is basically something that you would find in an action movie with similar content.The voice acting is corny in a way that fits in with the over-the-top action movie feel of the game.

Overall: Far Cry is a stunning game in so many ways. This game is a must play, if only for the amazing graphics. It certainly raises the bar for graphics to new heights. In Far Cry, the graphics are just one of the ingredients that submerge you into the experience. The developers exhibit a growing sense of maturity throughout the game.

1. Crysis

Story: Crysis sees you step into the shoes of a special soldier in the year 2020. The game takes place on a remote island now being held by the Koreans.As they investigate something, strikes the immediate attention of the US. An archeological team on a remote Pacific island is captured by an invasion force of North Koreans. You are parachuted into a tropical paradise that’s crawling with intelligent enemies and to shreds something else that’s tearing both the North Koreans and US force. The heart of Game is its combination of sandbox gameplay with the nanosuit, the high-tech body armor that can give you superhuman strength or speed, or cloak you from detection.

Graphics: Graphically, Crysis looks photorealistic at times. Even on a lower end card, the graphics are beautiful, no matter how far you turn the settings down the faces look insanely well animated. There are countless moments when you’ll just stop and gape at what you’re seeing.

Sound and Music: The sound effects are fantastic, blasting through the speakers during intense moments. The gunplay and ballistics modeling makes the shooter feel as if you’re handling real weapons. Voice acting is also excellent, helping to deliver some distinct characters and even a little humor.The background sounds are very realistic.

Overall: If you put it all together, Crysis is just amazing. If you want a game with fast action, huge scale, stunning graphics, and intelligent gameplay, then Crysis is for you. Crysis represents the first-person shooter at its finest, most evolved form. Crysis gives you all of these toys and ratchets the action higher and higher the deeper you get into it.

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