Top 10 Crazy Japanese Inventions You Dont Know

7. Subway Sleepers

Those moments in the subway while you’re off to work or going home after work where you just feel so sleepy but can’t really rest your head anywhere comfortable and therefore you lose precious moments of sleep. And even if you do, you look completely ridiculous. Don’t we all just hate such inconveniences? Well, fear not fellow humans, because the good people of Japan have invented a device that holds your head while you sleep soundly and peacefully to the sweet lullaby of the subway tracks. The device comes with a label that informs other passengers about your stop so that they can wake you up when you reach your destination. Darn it I absolutely need those for my home, said the homeless guy.

6. Butter Stick

You’re getting late for work but the butter’s not yet melted. You want a butter toast but it is too hard to spread easily. Problems faced everyday, really. Face them no further because the Pritt Stick for butter is here to save the day. It works like a glue stick, only with butter. So just roll the butter out and spread it on your bread from the butter stick. Ukh.

5. Duster Slippers

Remember the tassels on Elvis’s clothes that were all the rage? Now imagine them on the paws of a cat, but with dusters instead of his tasseled glamour, and see how the cat cleans everything it leaves in its wake. It’s like a moving duster that requires no work from you. For those of you who hate cats – you heartless fiends, you can always sire a baby and get the Baby Grow duster for your crawling newborn. Not recommended if you don’t want your child to develop dust allergies though.


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