Top 10 Crazy Japanese Inventions You Dont Know

4. Hay Fever Hat

The hat, well not exactly, is basically a roll of tissues attached to your head so that whenever you are in need of tissues and/or toiled paper, you can literally get them off the top of your head. Now aside from looking like a complete oaf with your head looking like it has just been tp-ed, this really doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Or does it? We’re not sure either.

3. Hair Ego Booster

Bald people have the hardest luck in life. Their confidence is all gone with their full head of gorgeous hair, no one takes them seriously, women prefer hairy scalps and worst of all, the mirror shows a hideous head to the one who dares to look. Well, worry not dear bald friends, because the good people of Japan have done it again. Say goodbye to the boring days of sanity and say hello to the good hair days of the olden times with this wig on a stick that is sure (well, maybe not) to boost your self esteem when you look at your new (old) reflection in the mirror.

2. Daddy Nurser

If the list so far wasn’t disturbing enough for you then you are surely in for a teat, I mean treat. Women in Japan are equal to men, kudos to feminism. But with this invention, men have stepped equality up a notch by strapping on breasts filled with milk to nurse their young ones while the woman, well, has other important things. The Japanese have really showed the world how hard it really is being a woman with breasts and a baby sucking on them. Bravo.

1. Cuddle Pillows

For those of you like me, you know without a girl friend and forever alone, there can never be a more perfect invention to kill the loneliness (maybe sexy Asian robots, Japan?). A pair of legs or the arm and torso pillows to cuddle with and feel like having your significant other right there beside you. Beautiful! Only downside though is that you can not take these pillows with you in public. Or any other pillows for that matter. Now available everywhere!


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