Top 10 Craziest Plane Landings on Video

7. The Flight – Boeing 787 Crosswind Testing

7This demonstrates the test landings being performed by a Boeing 787 during crosswinds. The technique is to keep the nose of plane diagonal to the perpendicular cross wind and then straightening the plane out at the last moment. Pilots refer to it as ‘crabbing’.  These tests were being performed during September, 2010.


6. The Flight -Lufthansa Wing Strike in Germany

6Lufthansa Flight 44 approached from Munich on March 1st, 2008  and was greeted by a violent windstorm at the airport in Hamburg, Germany. The crew, against control tower’s advice, decided to use their first priority runway 23 due to more advanced landing instruments present there. However, the decision went south when a strong cross wind blew the left wing tip into the ground. The crew decided to pull the plane into the air and then landed as per control tower’s advice on runway 33 without any injuries to 131 passengers on board.


5. The Flight -US Airways Flight 1549

5This particular flight that started out as a disaster for the crew ended up being a safe landing thanks to the right decision made by the pilot! A flock of migrating geese decided to come across this plane and the engines’ power dropped so low that the pilot had to glide the plane down to Hudson River. Luckily, it was possible to safely evacuate the passengers via passing ferries and rescue boats. The incident took place in January, 2009.


4. The Flight –SkyRanger April 2009

4Kyle Davis had hardly been two minutes into his scheduled for 15 minutes flight when engine on his DIY plane failed him. He ruled out a field and a lake only to land the plane down on Havendale Boulevard. His SkyRanger plane landed safely while carefully avoiding light poles, tress and cars! The incident took place in April, 2009.


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