Top 10 Best Beaches In The World

7. Santorini’s Red Beach, Akrotiri, Greek Islands

7Encompassed by red lava cliffs, Santorini’s Red Beach is a scenic location like no other. One of the unique things about the beach is the color of its beautiful sand, which is red. The only way to reach the beach is either by boat or by coming down on foot from the mountains, which takes about ten minutes. The whole island came into existence through a volcanic eruption. The volcano is not dead and Santorini is thought to be the actual Atlantis as a large part of the island actually slipped beneath the sea over the span of a night.



6. Tulum Beach, Tulum, Mexico

6Mexico is full of cities that are beautiful and lovely with dazzling beaches. However, the reason Tulum remains so attractive is because it is very close to the most amazing Mayan ruins in the entire country. Its a very serene and peaceful place to spend the day. The reason it is still quite tranquil and deviod of crowds is because it has not yet become a major tourist attraction.

With opportunities of adventure under the beautiful Sun, Tulum is the perfect place for you. If you have an affection for archeology and history or even if you just love to explore different areas, this place is worth a visit!



5. Nudist Camp Beach, Vrboska, The Island of Hvar,


5Not everyone is a fan of tan lines that we get while under the sun. For them, the naturalist beach in Vrboska is a must-visit area. Encompassed by pine groves, olive trees and vineyards, this is a gorgeous location for those who love nude sunbathing. If you’re the sort who prefers privacy, there are plenty of rock outcroppings that can help you sunbathe in a more private location. There is a naturalist camp close-by as well, that includes a small restaurant, a general store and a filling station.



4. Hanalei Bay Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

4If a scenic and beautiful beach is what you’re searching for, Hanalei Bay Beach is the place that you must visit for an amazing sunbathing experience. Ravishing mountains extending past the mists, having waterfalls in the background and an impeccable semi-circle of white sand make this place heaven on Earth.

Due to its beauty and popularity, you will usually find it packed with people, particularly during the winter when it is the best time to surf. To enjoy the most amazing view while sunbathing, there is no place like the Hanalei Bay Beach.


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