Top 10 Best Beaches In The World

3. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

3This island remains a favourite for those who prefer to have a little bit of privacy while sunbathing. This beautiful location can only be reached by a private plane, ferry or boat. Crowds, modern technology and electronics have indeed made a mark on this island but they’re frowned upon. This wilderness beach has one of the most amazing and pure sand in the world. Once here, you should just grab a book, lay down and enjoy the beautiful Sun shining upon you.



2. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2This beautiful beach became popular because of a song; Ipanema Beach.

In the 1970s, when ladies began wearing tangas (a clothing item preceding the thong bathing suit of today) for the first time, Ipanema became famous!

The same environment of freedom still exists in Rio de Janeiro. It is a city that is famous for its vitality and intensity. Thongs remain the most favored beachwear and topless sunbathing is quite common. If you’ve been working hard at the gym and want to unwind, then Rio is the best place to do it!



1. Santa Cruz Beaches, Santa Cruz, California

1Santa Cruz is the epitome of California sunbathing. With nearly 30 miles of oceanfront spots to select, there is just no going wrong in Santa Cruz as it has something for everyone! There are just so many beautiful spots to choose from. For seclusion and romance, Seascape Beach remains the best bet. If you’re interested in surfing or like to watch others surfing, you would love Steamer Lane. However, if you just want to do a bit of sunbathing while at the same time, are looking for a bit of entertainment and fun, then Main Beach is the spot for you. It contains an amusement park full of rides, games and food stalls, an old fashioned boardwalk if you just want to enjoy the view, and all this, just step away from the actual beach.



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