The Bombproof Wrist Watch

Okay now here is something really interesting, how about a watch that can withstand up to 10 pounds of C4 in one piece! Amazing isn’t it? It can also resist 300 bar  pressure (that is 3000 meters of water pressure). This ultra durable watch is entitled to be the world’s toughest watch. To tell you something interesting, there is no big company involved in the creation of this tough time ticker. Its just a one man show by Michael Barahona Fernandez who creates all of the watch case parts in his Berlin workshop. Since its a time consuming job so he is able to produce just few of these watches every month.


For the Triggerfish Bronze A2 model, the watchmaker used shock-resistant CuSn8 phosphor-bronze, yes the very same material that is used in bridge load bearing plates. Moreover, it has a 10 mm domed polycarbonate crystal and stainless steel for the detachable back cap. The watch is 45 mm wide and 20 mm thick. And yes, its a bit heavier than usual watches but its extreme durability explains the additional weight. Fernandez arranged some tests with the help of U.S military. The marines installed a 10 pounds C4 explosive on a bombing range and then placed the Triggerfish Bronze A2 just 1 meter away from it. After the successful detonation, it was found that the watch just had a few scratches and a missing leather strap. In short, the watch survived the blast.It was also observed that the timing mechanism was disturbed from its position but the maker says that he has developed a new holder that will not let this happen in future.

In case you are interested in one of these, the price tag is 2000$.




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