The 10 Weirdest Foods You Should Try Today

6. Deep-Fried Kool-Aid (USA) ($3).



Okay, I know it sounds ridiculous–I know, you’re thinking, “Ha, only in America!”–but deep-fried Kool-Aid is actually pretty awesome. Its taste is very difficult to describe, so you’ll just have to try it for yourself or take my word for it.


5. Insects on a Stick from Southeast Asia ($2).


I know you might think them pretty disgusting, but bugs on a stick are delicacies for some people who would love to eat this stuff every day if they could. Try it. You just might like it!


4. Stinky Tofu from China ($5).



This tofu is really not only stinky, it’s also old. Does that sound appetizing? Yeah, it’s probably not. This stuff smells awful, but apparently it’s a local favorite.

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