The 10 Weirdest Foods You Should Try Today

3. Stinky Cabbage from Korea ($2).



Korean stinky cabbage is one of my favorite foods. You can get it spicy if you like. Called “kimchi,” it is very popular–and tasty!


2. Fugu Fish from Japan ($120).



Your tongue might get just a little numb eating this. If it’s been prepared correctly, however, you shouldn’t die of asphyxiation from the tetrodotoxin (the poison that is contained in the most dangerous part of the fish).


1. Caviar and Lobster on Pizza from Italy ($1000).


Well, if you thought you had heard of it all, here is the one you most likely haven’t yet. Caviar tends to be pretty pricey already anyway as it stands. Taste this delicious Tuscan pizza sprinkled with caviar and finely sliced pieces of lobster, however, and your taste buds will thank you later. Unfortunately, though, your wallet may be found weeping in a corner later on in the day.

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