Sprint iPhone 4 is coming rather iPhone 5

Report came from TUAW that Sprint gets iPhone 4 rather than iPhone 5. And yeah! You people might be disappointed who were curiously waiting for Sprint CDMA iPhone 5. The report seems true because it has been heard from a Sprint employee. He said that the Sprint Company has started giving introduction on iPhone 4 launch.

The sales team has reported that selling of iPhone 4 will start in next month. There was no any statement on iPhone 5 release and if this source is true then more chances are that Apple has not planned to through iPhone 5 on Sprint in coming month. Moreover they also said that Sprint iPhone 4 will be provided according to standard data plans of Sprint. It will ass $ 10 smartphone premium and that is also not specific for Sprint CDMA iPhone 4.

At the start of this year it was suggested by Sprint that iPhone 5 will came with dual mode phone compatible to GSM and it will support all Carriers from united state. But! Sprint has not fulfilled its plans but if they do selling of iPhone 5, they will definitely have a great edge on their competitors in the market. Well! It might possible that Sprint might plan to release iPhone 5 in coming months.

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