How to stream Live HDTV on Mac OS X

EyeTV is a compatible tuner that gives you both analog and digital solutions with high definition for TV watching in MAC OS X. Just move towards your MAC computer, sit on sofa with relaxation and see recorded shows on MAC TV- watching. But! Where you want to see shows: in your bedroom or any other room? What would you like to do? Record for show, copy it on LAN and watch it or just work like hacker and stream show in real time?

This article will show you how to combine the MAC OS X with video Lan client or VLC built in streaming. Have a look below!

How to create alias points towards EyeTV recording

EyeTV saves video in folders but it seems that they are stored in individual files. Actually these are folders but in Finder they look just like a file so don’t get confuse. To open this data, you can make use of MAC OS X standard commands. All data is stored with extension .eyetv.

How to open EyeTV data

To open EyeTV bundle, right click on EyeTV and then select “Show Package Contents” from menu. A new window will appear with bundle contents on it. The files will contain different management files, MPEG file and TIFF file. Moreover, you are not allowed to open MPEG file in QuickTime. To open it, drag file on to VLC and it will start playing.

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