Seven Shocking Wonders of the World

5. The Ruins of Pompeii (Rome)

Pompeii was an ancient city founded in the 6th century BC ruled by Greeks, Etruscans, Samnites and Romans. Under the Roman control city prospered a lot becoming a port and then evolving into a resort destination, evidences show there were villas, temples, theaters and baths built throughout the city. Accounts also suggest that it inhabited around 20,000 citizens. In AD 63 an earthquake struck the city and provided a huge damage to the city, attempts were made to repair the damaged parts and reconfigure its design but that was not destined in their favor, on August 24, 79 AD a nearby volcano of Mount Vesuvius erupted and blanketed the city in cinders and ash. The city was then discovered by Domenico Fontana in the year 1599 while he was working on a hydraulics project, then in 1748 a Spanish military engineer made an attempt to excavate the city and discover the secrets of Pompeii. The ruins provided archeologists with unique discoveries regarding the lifestyle, daily routine, how did they earn and their behavior with criminals.



4. Little Boy’s Shadow (Japan)


Ironically, given the name to the mass destruction and massacre led by the United States during the end of World War II, the atomic bomb dropped on the Hiroshima named “Little Boy” which destroyed all of city in a mere minutes. Melted and cleaned out everything present in Hiroshima. The radiations emitted from the radioactive material of Little Boy crippled generations of Japan.  These unhealthy effects of radioactive material of Atomic bomb are named as the Shadow of Little Boy.  For generations the offspring of Humans, Animals and even Plants got affected.



3. Ground Zero (USA)

Referred to the mishap that shook the whole world and for the cause Muslims of whole world are paying a huge price up till now, the 9/11 destruction made it 24/11 for Muslims. Every year, just to memorize that tragic event of Twin Towers different controversial documentaries are played by the media. Recently a cemented tribute for the memory that fall prey to the massive destruction known as the Ground Zero.


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