Recycle Paper To Save Money, Water & More With Epson’s New PaperLab Machine

epson paperlab 1

Businesses can now directly recycle their discarded papers with a new machine called the Epson PaperLab. Those of us who would take our discarded paper to a recycling centre and then buy new reams of paper can now save time and money with the machine.

epson paperlab 2

The innovative invention by Epson is said to be a combination shredder and paper-making machine. The process is started by dumping your waste paper into the machine. It will then tear them apart and shoot them with a jet-stream of air to de-ink the shredded bits. The liquid binders of the machine that reassemble the fibers into fresh sheets with a pressure process that will form individual sheets of paper into a custom size, thickness, and colour. Although the machine seems like a device that is suitable for any place, it is by no means compact as it measures nine feet by four feet and it is high-powered, producing 14 sheets of paper every minute. In a 8-hour workday the machine would therefore produce over 6,700 sheets.

epson paperlab 3

The environmental advantages of the Epson PaperLab are also superb as it will save trees and even water. To expound on that fact, some 7,000 gallons of water will already be saved for every ton of paper that is recycled through its conventional process. Thanks to its “dry recycling” feature, another 12,000 gallon of water is saved for every ton of paper that is created.


The Epson PaperLab machine is suitable mostly for businesses, like government offices and banks, that deal with a large volume of paper. The projected price of the machine will be close to $75,000 once it is placed on the market in Japan.

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