This Cake Is Made Magical With A Cool Colour-Changing Icing Technique

colour-changing-cake 5

Cake creation is clearly no play thing for some bakers. Youtuber CharlotteSometimes showed off her impressive airbrushing skills in one of her latest videos showcasing her cake baking ability. The design of the cake is essentially a rainbow optical illusion.

colour-changing-cake 2

While it may sound like a culinary fairy tale, the color-changing cake by CharlotteSometimes is edible and unimaginary. The cake appears to feature warm, sunrise colours like red, yellow, and orange at first glance, but once its rotating stand is spun, the colours will quickly transform to reveal the cooler tones of purple, blue, and green.

colour-changing-cake 3


There is actually an explanation behind the cake’s chameleon-like feature for many of us who would think that its metamorphosis is just an act of magic. The zig-zagged ridges of the cake’s surface actually play a big part in accomplishing the effect as they are carefully decorated with small peaks of warm hues on one side, and cool colours on the other side. The spectrum of hues that you see is then dependent on the angle that you view the cake from. You can check out the video made by CharlotteSometimes for yourself below.


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