Print Your Selfie Into Your Toast With This Novelty Toaster

selfie toaster

Making smiley faces with your breakfast is a cool thing to do especially for kids because its fun and it presents a “happier meal”. If this is appealing to you then this new novelty toaster is just for you. A Canadian company called the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation is offering a novelty toaster that is able to burn your selfie-image into their morning bread slice.

selfie toaster 2

In order to personalize the novelty gadget, you must first upload a picture of yourself to a Danville-based firm called Burnt Impressions. The firm then transfers the image unto a metal plate using PhotoShop and a plasma cutter which is then fitted into the toaster. The completion of the toaster usually takes around 10 days.

The company’s president, Galen Dively says, “This is a first in the novelty toaster world.”

selfie toaster 3

“Before, set-up fees and large minimums effectively limited personalised toasters to larger companies, corporations and individuals with deep pockets. We are creating a whole new market; personalised impressions on toast available to all.”

In a barn off a dirt road in rural Vermont, the firm began by making toasters that printed Jesus into bread and for several years have been trying to accomplish making the concept an affordable reality.

selfie toaster 5

“We finally acquired the machinery needed to make it happen,” Mr. Dively said. “Gone are the days it cost me £890 ($1,500) just to add one new design to our catalogue. We are now limited only by our creativity.”

Despite the lack of promotion, the selfie toasters are already selling well and all work is done at the company’s warehouse in Vermont, Mr. Dively added.

The selfie toaster is available for retail at £45 ($75)

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