Coca Cola Gives 2nd Life To Empty Bottles With 16 Cool Caps


There is more to an empty plastic bottle as it can be transformed into just about anything even more delightful and useful. A month ago, beverage company Coca Cola proved that by starting a campaign to release a new ‘2nd Lives’ kit which enables you to do something useful, fun and creative with your empty coke bottles, instead of throwing them in the junk.


The Coca Cola company, teamed up with award-winning creative ad-agency Ogilvy & Mather Bejing, China, created 16 crazy and innovative bottle caps that turns coke bottles into a different variety of useful objects such as sharpeners, dispensers and bubble makers.

“What if empty Coke bottles were never thrown away?”, the campaign questions.


In efforts to encourage consumers to recycle, the campaign was launched in Vietnam where 40,000 cap kits were given away for free with every purchase of the carbonated soft drink. The innovative caps are easily screwed onto the Coca Cola bottles like a regular cork giving the bottles a second life of purpose.

Chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather China, Graham Fink, explained the idea behind the project: “We have created fun tools with Coke bottle tops, bringing small moments of happiness into people’s lives.”


The 16 bottle cap attachments of the campaign kit include: a paintbrush , pencil sharpener, spinning toy drum, squirter for watering plants, night light, whistle, water gun, dumbbell, bubble blower, two types of lotion and soap dispenser caps, and five types condiment dispenser caps.

Check out the promotional video for the campaign below.



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