iPhone and Windows 7 Don’t Play Nice, No Fix in Sight

iPhone is the beautiful smartphone introduced by Apple that contains bundles of wonderful applications to facilitate you people. You can think it as a smart PC into your pocket that you can have all the time where you go. If you are a computer user then you certainly know about Windows 7, latest Microsoft operating system release that is packed with more advanced technology.

Well! Reports came from different sources claim that when you try to sync your beloved iPhone handset by using iTunes, sometimes it does not sync properly if you are using Windows 7. Most of the Windows 7 users are making complains regarding. There are multiple threads related to this problem that you can see in Apple’s official forums. So we cannot lie that the issue is not true.

Here you will see what the basic reason behind this is. It seems that the issue arises from motherboard having an Intel P55 chipset. But this is not only the reason as there are many people that use laptop with another chip but still they complain for syncing issue.

You can tackle this problem by using PCI USB card or USB hub to connect your iPhone. Secondly, for every USB hub disable the Power management. Hopefully your problem will be resolved

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