Mysteries (Un)explained! 10 supernatural phenomena science has not debunked

The universe, as a whole, is a mystery for us and mankind has been trying to solve these mysteries for quite some time now. These mysteries range from mysterious creatures to paranormal phenomena.  There’s no limit to them.

10. Myakka Skunk Ape

10. Mayakka Skunk ApeThe beast is a primate that is believed to be living around Florida. It is often described as a bipedal primate with long, dark hair that has a very foul smell by the witnesses. It’s believed that it lives in the swamps around Florida, and there have been a lot of sightings. An anonymous letter with some pictures of the ape was received by the sheriff in 2000, it was sent by a lady, who clicked those photos while the ape stole apples from her backyard. Skeptics believe creature is just a person in a costume or an escaped orangutan. But while we’re on the topic of possibility, the number of escaped Orangutans and people running in ape costumes is far less than the amount of sightings of the ape.


9. The Belmez Faces

9. The Belmez FacesThe Pereira Family encountered strange human-like faces in their house in 1979. The faces appeared and disappeared in their house in an irregular manner. According to Maria Gomez, the housewife, one day in august she told her husband that a face had appeared on the floor in the kitchen. Her husband immediately destroyed the face with his pickaxe – but it appeared again later, the mayor had it cut out for testing and the faces stayed for almost 30 years, appearing as both males and females with an array of expressions on the faces. Later it was found that the house was built on a graveyard, and it was believed that the faces are linked with the graveyard. Skeptics believe that the faces are nothing but a publicity stunt being performed by employing oxidizing agents.


8. Fresno Night Crawler

8. Fresno Night CrawlerFootage retrieved from two surveillance cameras showed a stick-man who was found walking across the frame. There was not much information available about the tapes and no one was able to explain them, the figure moves in an abnormal way – almost as it is walking with the help of stilts. The appearance of the creature is not clear in the video. But there have been other incidents like this one and hence the word, night crawlers.


7. Paulding Light

7. Paulding LightThe Paulding light: there are two stories linked with this phenomenon, first involves the death of switchman at night by the train while he was trying to switch tracks. The conductor was actually asleep and wasn’t able to pick the signal. The other story states that it’s the ghost of a man looking for his son in the woods. This orb of light has been appearing for 40 years. And still remains a mystery. It appears almost every night. Students from Michigan Tech believe that it’s just a myth and the lights are the headlights of the cars on nearby freeway, the believers disagree though. The colors reported in the light are a range from red to white to green eventually. You can check it out, if you’re in the area, the park rangers have the places marked.


6. San Antonio Ghost Tracks Video

6. San Antonio Ghost Tracks VideoThere are these train tracks in San Antonio, which have become to be known as the ghost tracks. The reason for the name is a tragic story indeed; a bus full of school children got stuck there once and got struck by the train, killing all the children in the bus, so now if anyone parks their car there or gets stuck there, they are pushed off the tracks mysteriously. Some curious people used powder on their bumpers and they found tiny handprints on the bumpers while others have reported that they have heard children voices and whispers. Skeptics believe that the cars move due to the slope of the hill, but that doesn’t explain the handprints and the voices and many believe that the dead children are watching over at the tracks preventing any other tragic accident from happening.


5. Beckenham Gargoyle

5. Beckenham GargoyleA video was uncovered in Beckenham, England that showed what seemed like a gargoyle jumping around in a playground set. Many tried investigating the area and reported strange feeling of being watched. No other evidence was found regarding the gargoyle. Skeptics claim that the video is just Computer-generated Imagery and the Gargoyle does not exist.


4. Room 428

4. Room 428Room 428, located at Ohio University, is unavailable to students. It has been closed up due to a number of paranormal reports regarding the room. Reports of poltergeist activities have been submitted which included; stuff flying around across the room, doors opening and closing by themselves, Appearance of dark shadows without explanation. The creepiest thing perhaps is the carving of a demon like face on the wooden door which re-appeared even after changing the door multiple times. The history of this room states that a student had committed suicide in this room and now the room is haunted by him. So, you might want to stay away from 428, if you happen to be in Ohio University.

3. Mapimi Silent Zone

3. Mapimi Silent ZoneThe Bolson de Mapimi desert in Mexico has a patch which is believed to be a mystery. It has a very strange radio wave phenomenon. In 1970, US military launched a test missile that went astray and landed in that patch. A team was dispatched to retrieve the missile. The topsoil was believed to be contaminated by the radioactive elements.

It’s believed that no radio, TV, short wave, microwave or satellite signals can travel into the zone.  Strange orbs, lights and UFOs have been spotted in the area. Three blond humanoid creatures have also been spotted. Natives claim that they asked for water only and when asked about where they are from; their answer was “from above”. Scientists have found large quantities of magnetite in that patch. Scientists are not sure if the magnetite is the reason for the magnetic properties or if the abnormally large amount of meteors that struck the area is the reason.


2. Pangboche Hand

2. Pangboche HandIt was held sacred in the Buddhist monastery in Tibet, believed to be the hand of the Yeti. While many believed it to be fake, many made a journey to monastery to see it. The hand was sacred to the monks and they won’t allow any scientific testing. It’s been said that a man named Peter Bryne smuggled the hand out of Nepal and gave it to London University, who tested it and concluded that the hand was indeed humaniod, and matched more closely to that of Neanderthal than modern man. William Hill was the one testing all this. NBC also ran tests for their program Unsolved Mysteries and found the hand to be “near human”. The hand was then stolen and right now we believe it lies in a private collection where it has landed via black market.

1. The Battle of Los Angeles

1. The Battle of Los AngelesOn February 24, 1942 in Los Angeles, the air raid sirens began to go off. The basic understanding at that time was that America was under attack by Japan. A complete blackout was ordered as the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade unloaded 1400 12.8lb anti-aircraft shells at a mysterious object floating in the night sky. This bombardment continued for an hour with the “all-clear” being given at 7:21am.

The media went haywire after the incident and the incident was front-page news. While the puzzling question was that what could have survived such heavy artillery for so long the Government issued a statement that many find hard to believe; a weather balloon was the object in the air. About five persons died due to the missiles while three passed away because of the stress. The mysterious object then hovered over the rest of the state while it was being fired at. Some described it as a huge object; others described it as multiple small objects. Even after so many years and so many scientific progresses, we still fail to explain what the object was which hovered over LA despite such heavy firing and what were its objectives?


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