Mind Controlled Skating Looks Awesome

As crazy as the title may be, now you can do some skating by simply controlling the skateboard with your mind. Researchers from Chaotic Moon Labs are the crazy geniuses behind this fantastic idea. Previously, they made shopping carts integrated with kinect and a tablet, the techy carts could watch the things you place in them and calculate the total amount which could later be checked out. This time the same team has again done some mind-boggling research to let you control your skate motions with your mind!


A helmet rigged with sensors is worn by the user which allows his thoughts to control the skateboard. The sensors are connected to a Samsung tablet running Windows 8, which receives the signals and carries them forward to the motors of the skateboard. The sensors in the helmet catches your thoughts from your brain either to move or stop or turn and then sends signals to the tablet. Tablet responds by converting those signals into mechanical signals and sending them to the motor, and the skateboard starts moving.


This superb invention could one day help a lot by allowing handicapped people to move their wheel chairs simply through their minds. It would be fun to even have such toys or skateboards around in public, and who knows we might be controlling our cars purely from thoughts in the future.

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