The Banana Tattoo

Turning ripe bananas into organic canvases; isn’t that cool? Well, it’s not the first time for such odd art, last year a famous Australian artist also indulged in such art with a toothpick.

This time, it’s the multimedia artist Phil Hansen, who has made something amazing. He used pushpin on ripe bananas to produce oxidization, so that when the pinned surface is exposed to oxygen, it starts decaying and organic matter starts to blacken up, which turns into a cool banana tattoo when all the pinned surfaces blacken out. The art thoughts are admirable and anyway, it’s lovely to watch a banana having tattoo on it.

Hansen has also published his new book named “Tattoo a banana: And Other Ways To Turn Anything Or Everything Into Art” which tells various artistic tips and tricks which you can try on daily-life objects.

Here are pictures and a video of this amazing art.

Skull with burning cigarette, Vincent van Gogh

The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo

Edgar Degas’ famous dancers

The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli


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