Abandoned Shopping Mall In Bangkok Taken Over By Fishes!


Generally abandoned buildings are littered with all kinds of insects and creepy crawlies. In some cases wild animals such as stray dogs, cats and depending on which country you live the odd coyote or wolf may make it the regular place of abode. Rarely do you see a place taken over by sea creatures in particular fish. I know you may be asking “is that even possible?” Well, apparently it is, look no further than Thailand or depending on your geographical location let’s just say look as far away as Thailand.


A deserted mall in Bangkok, Thailand which was permanently closed in 1997 is now home to freshwater Catfish and Koi fish. During the rainy season, the mall quickly became flooded and as a result of settling, formed a large body of water which became a breeding haven for mosquitoes. The locals had decided that in order to prevent the spread of any vectors being carried by the insects they would populate the water with several kinds of fish that would feed on them.


Now the mall once famous for shopping is now one of the world’s largest aquariums. Professional cook, writer and photographer Jesse Rockwell visited the venue and took several shots of the venue in all its “glory”. He described it as a “disastrous setting in which nature reclaimed the land”.



The only real question remaining is, was there not another solution to the mosquito problem? As far as we are concerned the solution to the problem only made it worse, cobra effect anyone?

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