Absolutely Stunning Photos of Dancing Fireflies

Nature is perhaps the best art anyone can envisage. There are moments when you are captivated by its beauty in a way that makes you say “wow, life is amazing”. Japanese Photographer Yume Cyan was lucky enough to capture one of  those moments on camera for us. He took several snap shots of fireflies dancing beautifully in a forest.



This zoom shot shows the luminescent creatures at their brilliant best as hundreds gather for what is presumed to be a “festival of lights” perhaps?


To truly appreciate the beauty of many things you have to be able to compare it with something. The contrast between a dim forest and the daylight  truly reveals how beautiful the fireflies are when in abundance.


This picture is truly captivating, the shades of green just seem to harmonize with each other. Owl City was right when they said “you would not believe your eyes, if you say 10 million fireflies”. This may be a long way off ten million but nevertheless it is awe-inspiring.


This snap shot was executed perfectly, Mr. Cyan was able to keep the shutter open long enough to capture the pathway along which these graceful creatures travelled so casually.

We can truly thank Mr. Cyan for these photos. It is not often that you get the opportunity to see nature in all its glory. You have to be in the right place at the right time. Nature like music has its “sweet spot”.


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