Microsoft Courier Tablet vs. Apple iPad

There has been a heated debate on which is the best device between Apple iPad and Microsoft Courier Tablet. However, a quick review of this two is the surest way to tell which of these two machines is superior to the other.

The Apple iPad comes with a high performance and low power saving 1GHz processor. The power option and the battery life of the Apple iPad have been taken into consideration too in that battery can last for more than 10 hours of web surfing on Wi-Fi. Other specifications include the 9.7 inch touch screen, the iPad also has oleophobic coasting which is resistant to fingerprints and finally it can simultaneously support multiple languages.

Here is a video showing full functionality of the device.

The Microsoft Courier Tablet taken a new dimension in its display setting, unlike the previous versions which has single screen, the new one has a dual 7 inch screen. The courier tablet also supports Windows 7 and other operating systems too. The courier is also powered by a new type of software known as the Zune HD. The other specifications are closely related.

It’s hard to tell unless you sample out the two by yourself, however, the introduction of Microsoft Courier Tablet into the market earlier than the Apple iPad gave it an upper hand.

Here is a video comparison

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