Kids Say The Darnedest Things, This Little Girl Proves It

greta 10

Often times we hear little children saying stuff that many of us as the older folks would find very amusing, and we say to ourselves ‘if they only knew how funny what they just said was’. This 4-year-old girl named Greta, just about puts the ‘D’ in the ‘darnedest things’ as her mother shares some of the funniest things she’s heard her daughter saying with an app called LittleHoots.

“Is that boy on the radio singing a love song? He’s being a little too loud.” Greta says at one point while listening to the radio. Greta was also featured on the Ellen Show. Check out these quotes of some of the most darnedest things that Greta’s mom had captured her saying below.

greta 1

“Now Memaw, you and I can’t throw any fits while we’re in Old McDonalds or else the workers will kick us out, okay?”

(Greta at age 3)

greta 2

“You should never text and drive. I don’t do that because I don’t have a car. And I don’t have a phone.”

(Greta at age 4)

greta 3

Greta:  “I drew this picture for you!”

Mommy: “It’s great! What is it?”

Greta:  “ I don’t know. Maybe a dragon or something.”

greta 4


Mommy: “Greta, you need to use a much calmer and respectful voice.”

Greta:  “I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to myself. ‘Greta, get a granola bar for your tummy. Now.”

greta 5

Mommy:  “Greta, why didn’t you smile for your school pictures?”

Greta:  “Because the picture man told me a joke and that made me made.”

greta 6

Mommy:  “Greta, the elf on the self  came to visit! Let’s go see where he’s hiding!”

Greta:  “No, I don’t want her to kill me.”

greta 7

Mommy, I know that you have to wear a shirt so you can cover up your milk-makers.”

(Greta at age 3)

greta 8

Mommy, I will say ‘trick or treat’ but I WILL NOT SING ‘LET IT GO’ FOR ANYONE! It’s just too much.”

(Greta at age 3)

greta 9

Mommy: (Singing quietly by myself in the kitchen)  “I’m so fancy.”

Greta:  (From the other room) “NO! YOU ARE NOT FANCY!!!”

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