iTunes 10.5 Beta available to download for Windows and Mac

You got all details regarding iOS 5 before its announcement on WWDC 2011. It is confirmed that iOS 5 will release on fall 2011, but great news for developers. They can get iOS beta 1 right now. Don’t worry if you are a non developer. You can also get iOS 5 beta 1 for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Here is link that guides you how to download it.

Before making download for iOS beta 1, you need to have iTunes 10.5 beta for your Windows or Mac computer.

iTunes 10.5 beta provides support for iOS 5 and features regarding iCloud that are not available in iTunes 10.3 beta. There are few appearance changes added in to iTunes 10.5 beta. There are options available in order to disable iCloud’s over the air option. Links to download iTunes 10.5 beta are given below:

Download Link for iTunes 10.5 (Mac OS X with size of 71.55MB) is

Download Link for iTunes 10.5 (Windows having x86/32-bit and size 72.48MB) is

Download Link for iTunes 10.5 (Windows having 64-bit and size 74.07MB) is

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