iPhone 4S considered the most successful iPhone in Apple’s history

Everyone was anxiously waiting for new iPhone 4 with 4 inch touch screen and change in design as compared to previous iPhone release. When Apple announced the new iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5, it was predicted that that the iPhone 4S selling would not go too high.

But the results were totally opposite to what they were expecting. Apple’s iPhone 4S demand shows that it the most successful iPhone release that that you ever had. Reuters reported that Apple carrier partner AT&T is surprised by seeing the demand for next generation iPhone. It has announced that in first 12 selling hours, it has sold out over 200,000 iPhone 4S models and that clearly shows that it is most successful Apple’s launch. According to Apple, it had sold out more that 600,000 iPhone 4S in first day of hour to all carriers located in Germany, US, Japan, France and UK. Happily, this year users have opportunity to buy iPhone 4S from any one of three carriers including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon.

Did you pre-order for new iPhone 4S from any carrier? If not then hurry up as you will get your new iPhone 4S in your hand on at the day of its launch.

Which carrier you would prefer for pre-order?

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