iPhone 4 Faster on AT&T or Verizon?

When a new version was launched by Verizon in February because AT&T was in deal with Apple for selling landmark phone, many AT&T users were rejoiced. With the release of Verizon version users were now able to connect their device to a network with a good speed and drop calls minimized. Some users of AT&T left their plans and bought Verizon iPhone.

Voice calls are connected and held in a much better way by Verizon as compared to A&T but if you are a heavy data user than AT&T is the best option to consider. The tested connection speed is recorded to be faster for the AT&T iPhone. The average download speed for testing the AT&T iPhone 4 in San Francisco, Sa Diego, San Jose, Seattle and Portland is 1.25 mbps and an average upload speed is 0.92 mbps which is much better than that of Verizon iPhone 4. There is also considerable delay in network for Verizon which causes time- sensitive services. Verizon Phones including Android Phones can be connected more effectively and quickly with the Verizon CDMA network than Verizon iPhone. The call quality on Verizon iPhone has been improved but data service is still slow.

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