How to speed up your iPhone by Removing Daemons?

Apple iPhone offer various customization features to its users. Users can also enhance the speed of the iPhone by various processes. One such process is removing Daemons. Daemons are programs that run in background, and enables the iPhone to carryout various functions. As they are running in background so they consume considerable amount of RAM leaving the iPhone perform slowly. Many of these Daemons are useless and can be deleted to resume the RAM.

Before deleting the Daemons, it is highly recommended to make their backup. As these are system files, deleting wrong files can pose serious problems.

  • To delete Daemons, SSH into the device.
  • Browse to /System/Library.
  • Locate the folder of LaunchDaemons and download on your desktop.
  • Set the permission of the folder of LaunchDaemons to 755. Any wrong information can freeze up your iPhone. So carry out the whole process very carefully.
  • Once you are done with the changes, upload the folder. Make sure that it does not overwrite the original backup.
  • Restart the iPhone and enjoy its increased speed.

Daemons can also be disabled. To disable the Daemons just delete the .plist file.

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