How to Invert iPhone Screen Colors Using InvertColors sbsettings?

There are number of cool and innovative applications available in the market for apple iPhone. These applications enhance the excellence of iPhone even more. One such application is InvertColors sbsettings which is available as freeware and allows the iPhone users to turn on the white on black option from stock settings. Turning on this option actually inverts the colors.

This is a really simple application and is too convenient to use. On installation, it automatically appears in the drop down menu of sbsettings. It is enabled by default unlike other applications which we have to turn on manually. It works perfectly fine and enhances the display by increasing the visibility.

The white on black option can be accessed in the stock settings which are present in general/accessibility. This application is quite popular among users who want to increase visibility features of their iPhone. This freeware application is really a cool choice.

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