How to setup PC Free iOS 5?

iOS 5 is a new updated version of mobile (iPhone) Operating System by Apple and it will release in Fall for users. This OS have ‘PC free’ ability that means you don’t have to Connect to iTunes with PC whenever you purchased new iOS. It will make you feels that you are using new iPhone, iPod or iPad touch. Here is the process that will help you in PC free setup of iOS 5.


  • Install iOS 5 in your device and set your device on restore mode.
  • Select your desired Language from Language menu.
  • Choose your ‘Country/Region’.
  • Connect with the desired Wifi-Network by entering correct pass code.
  • Choose ‘Setup as new iPOD touch’ from ‘Setup iPOD touch’.
  • Apple ID will be required to sign in. Enter id & password to sign in otherwise create new id.
  • After signing in, iCloud setup will appear. Turn it ON.
  • Turn ON ‘Find my iPOD touch’.
  • You may choose ‘Send Diagnostics report to Apple’.

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