How to Restore IOS 5.0 Beta?

What is IOS 5.0 beta:

  • Latest version of advanced mobile operating system.
  • Includes over 200 new features that are not supported in old version.
  • It has an updates SDK over 1500 new API’s.

IOS 5 compatibility:

It supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPad 1G,2G, iPod touch 3G,4G and also apple TV.

Where error comes:

Mostly 3002 error comes when you try to upgrade or restore IOS 5.0 beta. Errors can also occur when you try out the new firmware IOS 5.0 beta into 3.0 beta or 4.0 beta. You can easily restore it on your device by following these simple steps.

  • Download IOS 5.0 beta on your device.
  • Update your iPhone using iTune. Connect your iPhone to your computer and click on check for update button.
  • Firmware UDID of your device must be registered. IOS 5.0 beta will be useless if you are not activating your device. So be sure about this. You have to get the UDID registered.
  • Press and hold shift key to restore.
  • You need to activate all functions before using otherwise I will be useless.


Below are some functions which you need to activate.

  1. To activate voice, triple click the home button.
  2. Again triple click on home button, emergency call will appear.
  3. Click on Emergency call, notification Center will appear.
  • Your device is now fully activated with IOS 5.0 beta version. Now you can enjoy new features that are missing in old versions.

Important Note:

If devices update to IOS 5.0 beta then you cannot restore your previous version but you will be able to upgrade to future versions.

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