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Fishing Methods That Don’t Use a Fishing Rod

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Fishing is one of America’s most popular pastimes. However, if you only ever use a standard fishing pole, it can get a bit stale at times. Fortunately, you can try out plenty of other fishing methods that don’t use a fishing rod. Read on to learn about some of the most popular ones.

As a side note, not all of these methods are legal in every state, so be sure to check your local laws and regulations to ensure that you have the proper permits and licenses to pursue these unique ways to fish.

Dipnet Fishing

Natives in Alaska once used this traditional technique, but recent legislation has opened it up to everyone. The method is called dipnet fishing, and it’s almost as simple as it sounds. All you do is stick a giant net into the water and pull it out once you’ve caught some fish. However, the challenge is in where you have to go to do it effectively. Simply sticking a net into a lake will give you very few results.

Instead, you need to situate yourself on the side of a river or body of water with a strong current that will force the fish into your net. That’s why this is a popular option for catching salmon. Since they travel up and down rivers in large groups, this method is much more efficient than using a pole.


If you already hunt on land, there’s a good chance that you own a bow. However, did you know that you can use that same bow to fish? The sport of bowfishing has gained a lot of traction in the past few years. Some of that popularity is because it’s so fun, but much is because it’s easy to get into. If you already have a bow, there’s not too much more gear you’ll need to buy to fish this way.


If you really want to get into the “shooting method” of fishing, you might also want to check out spearfishing. This method is the main one that may not be legal, depending on your state. However, if it is, it’ll definitely be worth your time and investment. Spearguns cut through the water at high speeds, so they’re ideal for hitting your target in deeper waters.

Catching Fish With Your Bare Hands

For our final fishing method that doesn’t use a fishing rod, check out the old-fashioned “bare-handed catch.” This method takes a ton of patience and quick reflexes, but with enough practice, you should be able to grab a fish without any equipment at all. Plus, doing it this way is exceptionally satisfying, and it gives you ultimate bragging rights. Not many people can say that they’re quick enough to grab a fish with nothing but their own two hands.

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