Famous Scientists Made Cool Superhero Characters For A Video Game

Some of the world’s most famous scientists have been turned into 8-bit fighting machines by an animator named Diego Sanches. Each scientist’s special move is matched with their discovery, also a great way for kids to remember these scientists and the great work that they have done for us.

You can look forward to seeing these characters more in a new game that the Super Interessante Magazine will be designing. The game will be called Science Kombat. Check out the scientists below. Each of them will have a basic set of moves as well as two special attack moves.


Stephen Hawking

For Professor Hawking’s character, he is able to harness the ultimate power of wormholes. He is the first to set forth a theory of cosmology, thus the black hole move.scientist superhero 1


Charles Darwin

Being the man that formulated the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin’s most viscous attack was named ‘Evolution’ and features him transforming into an ape.scientist superhero 2



A move that looks like it would completely demolish opponents, Pythagoras summons his mystical tetractys in his special move. He is best known for his contribution to mathematics, particularly the Pythagorean theorem.

scientist superhero 6


Nikola Tesla

When it came onto power and electric energy, Tesla always came out on top with the coolest scientific ideas. His character’s special move is a ‘teleforce death ray’ that utilizes alternating current to power.

scientist superhero 3


Marie Curie

After discovering the powers of radium in 1898, Marie Curie became one of the most famous scientists. Her opponents will feel the wrath of her cool flipping ability paired with radiation.

scientist superhero 5

Isaac Newton

Known for being the sole person for discovering gravity, Newton has also made significant advances in the field of optics. He unleashes the unrelenting power of a rainbow using his handy prism in his special move.scientist superhero 7

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