7 DIY Projects That You Can Complete With Trashed Items

Nowadays there are many artists that are using trashed items in their surroundings to create pieces that are beautifully unique. Some of us might not be artists, but there are still some things that we can do on our own to create pieces as unique and stylish as the pieces created by them. Everything can be re-used to make some thing beautiful. If you check your garage or store room for old and unused items waiting for their time to be thrown into the trash, you’d be surprise to know what great art pieces you can turn them into. Sometimes these items can even be constructed to serve a different purpose, for example, you can collect popsicle sticks to create a cool and colorful mail box for your home.

Check out these DIY projects that includes using items that were found in your surrounding or trashed to give them another purpose.


1. Maple Leaf Rose Bouquet 

maple leaf rose 1

maple leaf rose 2

The fallen leaves of a maple tree were rolled and compiled to create this lovely warm coloured bouquet.

maple leaf rose 3

Who wouldn’t want to sport this on their wedding day in their wedding dress?


2. Plastic Spoon Rose

plastic spoon necklace 1

plastic spoon necklace 2

plastic spoon necklace 3

See, there’s no need to go to a jewellery store to buy a rose necklace. You can make your own and you will surely get tons of compliments from your friends for your creativity.


3. Missioni Shoes

missioni shoes 1 missioni shoes 2 missioni shoes 3

Beautiful shoes created by beautiful, creative people, with just markers and a ruler.


4. Tetrabox Lamp

tetrabox lamp 1

tetrabox lamp 3

tetrabox lamp 5


5. Pop Tabs Bag

pop tabs bag 1

The end of each tabs were sliced to enable another tab to be linked with it.

pop tabs bag 2

pop tabs bag 4



6. Recycled Bottle Broom

recycled bottle broom


7. Spoon Lamp

spoon lamp

spoon lamp 2

spoon lamp 4

spoon lamp 5

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