Dog Tours The UK To Perform Hypnotism On Humans

dog princess

Do you believe in hypnotism? Well, there is a four-pawed one in the UK that its owners have claimed to be able to instantly put people under a sleeping spell by making them look into her eyes. The four-year-old German Spitz dog named Princess is currently the only dog in the world that is able to put humans into a trance-like state.

dog princess 2

For the past two years, the pup and her owner Krystyna Lennon, who is a qualified hypnosis have been performing on stage.

“It is definitely not something that just any dog can do, it is a very specific skill. They either have it or they don’t,”  Ms. Lennon said.

The Leeds-based mother of three said Princess can hypnotise anyone, but the reaction of the hypnotised person will vary.

“Being hypnotised is like being drunk,” she said. “It brings out your inhibitions, and your memory from when you were under does come back but it’s usually a bit faded or you need to be prompted.”

dog hypnosis

The first Hypnodog show occurred in 1989 with Krystyna’s uncle, Hugh Lennon with his pet Oscar. She then took over the show when Mr. Lennon fell ill and had to retire from performing.

‘Princess is related to Oscar, the original Hypnodog, but we never intended to use her for the show.” she shared. “We noticed that she started to display some of the same attributes that Oscar had – she was very calm and would sit very still and stare. So when I took over from my Uncle Hugh I decided to use Princess – and because she is my own dog she reacts so much better to me.”

dog hypnosis 2

Currently, Ms Lennon and Princess are touring the UK and performing shows at university fresher’s events.


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