5 Tools for using New Camera Features in IOS 5

It is of sure that the iPhone camera is the best for the users. Many new camera features has been included by the Apple with iOS 5, so that the photographers can capture the precious moments of their lives in a more realistic manner.

For a new camera features in iOS 5 there are basically 5 tips for that:

1.    Access to the Camera:

You can easily access the built-in camera application from your lock screen. You need to double tap on the Home button when your device is powered off. On the right hand side of the unlock slider you can see the camera. So you don’t have to unlock the device and just tap on the camera app in order to launch it.

2.    Gridlines feature:

The new Gridline feature is best for those who have noticed that a photo appears to be crooked whenever you take it. So before taking a photo it allows you to place a 3×3 grid overlay on the camera. You need to slide ON the Grid feature by tapping the Options button on the screen, so that the gridline is there on the screen.

3.    Usage of Volume Up Shutter Button:

It is quite difficult to tap the on-screen shutter button when you are taking photos. For that reason Apple has introduced a Volume Up button to be used as a Shutter button while you capture snaps. So with the help of this hardware button you can anytime take a picture in a built-in camera application.

4.    Purpose of the AE/AF Lock:

You need to tap simply once and hold the screen until the AE/AF is there at the bottom, it is basically used to shoot from particular angle. You then tap once on the screen to return back to the dynamic AE/AF.

5.    Facilitates yourself with the ability to zoom:

By using the Pinch-to-Zoom Gesture you are able to focus or zoom on the part of the photo that is required by you. The zoom slider can also be used for that particular cause.

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