Dock spacer addition to Mac

Dock is used for launching applications and it can be organized in any order you wish to. When you make dock with full of icons, it becomes really difficult to find required icons. To make it easy, there is one feature which is called dock spacer. It helps you in finding the icons. It separates the applications side and documents side, and can be varied to manage icons by their type with addition of other separators.

This tip enables you to put a blank icon into your dock which separates application icons and document icons. It helps you in viewing all those icons. Dock is divided into two parts:

  1. Application side is situated at the left bar
  2. Document side is at right bar
  • There are two different terminals commands which are used to put dock separator between application icons and document icons.
  • After adding dock spacer between icons, you are able to re arrange it but you are unable to pass across dock separator.
  • Dock spacers are very easy to put by following some basic commands, once you are done with commands, dock spacer will appear at their respective place.
  • You can drag them to where you want and can add other spacers as well.
  • Dork spacer can be removed by right clicking on spacer and select “remove form dock”

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